Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance


The original novel revolved around a young man who struggles with himself after killing a pawnbroker, Ochiai’s manga tells the story of a college dropout and hikikomori (shut-in) who plans to kill a high school girl leading an enjo-kousai (compensated dating) group. Kora plays the role of Tachi Miroku, a dropout and hikikomori who is aiming to become a writer. He lost his father to suicide, while his mother and older sister have high expectations for his future. He ends up deciding to murder a heartless young girl named Baba Hikaru (played by Hashimoto Ai), who is the leader of an enjo-kousai group. The heroine of the drama will be the character Ameya Echika, played by Mizukawa. Other characters include the public prosecutor Goi Kurodo (Ibu Masato), the money courier Mikoshiba Haruka (Sometani Shota), and the mysterious man Sudo Kai (Tanaka Tetsushi). ~ Tokyograph

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