Turn Around

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Vision for the future of women in unlimited Cock wire Mid-Autumn Festival (Liu Yuxin ornaments), for handsome boyfriend (An Jun Can ornaments) attachment endless anthomaniac Liu Qingqing (Du Qin Yi ornaments), pursuit of money and beautiful vanity woman Daisy (Liu Yu Qi ornaments ), as well as bypassing the rich rich husband battles alone Mrs. Song Xiaoci (Xu ornaments), working with the Fashion Group. By chance, at the Mid-Autumn met Prince Charming, the media, President Li Jiajun (William Li ornaments), determined to stand up toward the white Formica, aside ungrateful ex-boyfriend (Huang Yue ornaments) and beyond without brain arrogant rich girl rival (Ji Minjia ornaments). The four are in the fashion industry in the woman, both sisters Wife, another fierce competition. With beautiful flourishing career, emotional and sisters also face collapse away. Is hesitant cringe ugly duckling back to Iron Age? Still indomitable, won a double victory of love and career? The Art of War in the Mid-Autumn Festival, in the end what kind of stunt?

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