Two Rooms, Two Nights

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Mi Na, In Seong’s ex-girlfriend, is now living in Japan, so when she decides to come to Korea to gather some news material, she makes contact with him and they arrange to go to Gangreung together. Yoon Joo is kept in the dark about this. In the country cottage in Gangreung, In Seong tries to win Mi Na back, but she doesn’t want him and so she leaves. Now alone in the cottage, In Seong asks Yoon Joo to come to Gangreung to join him. However, when he sees Mi Na and Yoon Joo walking out of Gangreung Bus Terminal together, he makes up one excuse after another in an attempt to keep the two women and him apart. “Two Rooms, Two Nights ” comically exposes a man trapped by his own petard for playing both sides.

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