Unbeatable You

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When a sales agent and her husband find that all their dreams may vanish into thin air due to problems at work, they scrimp and strive to make a better living for themselves.

Liu Ai is the best salesperson in the business. Her husband Yang Guang is a designer. The two have a simple dream, to make enough money so that they can have kids and buy a house. Liu Ai is shocked when come year end, her boss reneges on the money that she rightfully earned, so she quits her job in a fit of temper.

Already in a slump over her situation, her husband also encounters problems at work. Reality hits hard, but through the encouragement of friends, she and her husband decide to cast aside the roadblocks in their lives. Riding against the tide, Liu Ai starts a small company in a road to becoming the real queen of sales.

Stars :: Pan Yueming (Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time), Ma Li (Top High Energy Doctors), Sun Jian (Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy), Maggie Huang (Princess Agents), Li Naiwen (Mr. Right) and Liu Weiwei (Spy Hunter).

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