Unborn But Forgotten

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Room 1308 – Death Begins. The first murder takes place in a studio apartment. Nobody could have seen the beginning of death. A young television producer in her mid-twenties, Han Soo-Jin (Lee Eun-Ju) first hears about the mysterious death and its only clue, a website, from Detective Choi Jin-Seok (Jeong Jun-Ho whom she is covering for a story. Meanwhile, a mysterious e-mail arrives for Soo-Jin and before she even realizes, she’s embroiled in the case. When her affair with co-worker Yi-Seok (Seong-Yong Kye) at the TV station becomes public, their relationship becomes strained and amidst the growing stresses of her life, Soo-Jin too begins to see the signs of her own death. 

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