Untraceable Evidence II (1999)

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The story goes on where Siu Tong and a lawyer Wong Ying Kit get married. However, when they return from their honeymoon, the nightmare begins. First, Kit’s brother suspects that Siu Tong is having an affair with Ka Yuen. Then when Siu Tong had a miscarriage, her own husband suspects her because she didn’t tell him that she was pregnant but she told Ka Yuen.
All this suspicion leads to Siu Tong’s tragic death. It turns out that it was Kit’s brother who killed Kit’s first wife and Siu Tong. Bo Yin also believes that Siu Tong is still in love with Ka Yuen and decides to leave Hong Kong again. However, Ka Yuen caught up with her and showed her a video tape that Siu Tong made before she died. At the end of the video, Siu Tong claimed that she loved her husband the most and that she loved him more than she loved Ka Yuen. Bo Yin and Ka Yuen finally got back together.

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