Up In The Wind

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Teng was joined by the film’s stars actress Ni Ni and actor Jing Boran at the premiere. “Up in the Wind” tells a story of a touring group who travel to Nepal and undergo a series of sweet and sour events.

As their adventure draws to an end with them hang gliding, they realize that in life also they need to be patient and wait for the wind to change and there’s no point in being anxious or working themselves to the bone.

Ni Ni who shot to fame in Zhang Yimou’s “The Flowers of War” in 2011, told CRI that this role has inspired her. “It’s better to lead a happy life and not to have too much desire. Otherwise one would feel that there is no hope in life because not all desire could be realized. Hence it’s better to lead a simple and easy life.”

Teng teamed up with screenwriter Bao Jingjing for “Up in the Wind.” The two rose to fame with the success of their 2011 romantic hit movie, “Love is Not Blind.”

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