Violent Cop

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VIOLENT COP is the explosive and critically acclaimed directorial debut from Japanese master film maker ‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano. Kitano is Azuma – a vicious detective who deals out harsh justice with an iron fist – Dirty Harry style. Investigating a drug dealer’s murder, Azuma and rookie detective Kikuchi find fellow officers are on the take. When Azuma is caught for beating a gangster, he is forced to quit the force. After the gang kidnaps his sister as retribution, Azuma goes on a merciless rampage of revenge.

Uploader’s Comments: Being Kitano’s first film as a director, there are some inconsistencies. The pacing is probably what stands out the most in this regard. But for me, this is far superior to his latest 6 efforts. I find it quite impressive how clear a vision he must have had while making this, considering he was only supposed to star in what was originally a comedy. There are many “Kitano-esque” flourishes that, while not as refined as in Hana-bi or Sonatine, are easily recognizable.

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