Visitors On the Icy Mountain (2006)

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Not long after the founding of the new China, a heroic force led by advance platoon leader Yang Guanghai establishes a border checkpoint at Tahar City, which is located at the Pamir Mountains and home to ethnic Tajiks. The Moni family, the richest in Tahar, have fled to the border under the lure and blackmailing of Ma Zhanjiang, a Kuomingtang remnant. Their maid Gulandam, who was childhood sweethearts with Amir, was abducted by human traffickers. Kuomingtang spy Gulibar takes advantage of this relationship by impersonating as Gulandam to provoke military-civilian relations and sneak bandits inside the borders. Yang Guanghai sees through the enemy’s conspiracies and wipes out all the secret agents hidden in Tahar City.

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