Way Back Home (Thai 2018)

“WAY BACK HOME” is a story about a group (eight people to be exact) of teenagers who have bonding inside a bar & restaurant named “HOME”. (“HOME” belong to the eldernest of the group : Ken (Tao Sethapong) who take care everyone and his younger sister “Khaopod” (Fern Kamolchanok), the only girl in the group.)

Every members in the group have their own personality,different origin even their own faculty in university. Such as Pol, Man, Jay study at Faculty of Engineering. Sand, Bank study at Faculty of Medicine. Khaopod, Yuan, and Well study at Faculty of Communication (1st year).

Friendship and story of problems in each familys reveal Teenagers’s life nowaday. And causing the group of them.
All of them think that “HOME” is a home for them. Being the place which contain love,understanding,helping and consulting. Then one day Khaopod accidently shoot a picture,which turn the problem to “HOME”. This story will absolutely change her life and all friends’s life.

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