We Are Gamily

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Young finance professional Wu Gang (Tang Zhen Gang) is in love with his boyfriend, Sam (Andrew Chau). They have been inseparable for three years. Desperate for an easier life, Wu Gang decides to find a fake bride on the internet, Yang Duo (Cheng Mo). Yang Duo has a girlfriend, but their relationship is strained by the commitments of matrimony. Suddenly, Wu Gang’s twin sister Wu Rou (Li Jing Wei) comes for a visit and becomes interested in her future in-law. Both Wu Gang and Wu Rou have hidden their partners from their old-fashioned mother and worry that her nosiness will lead her to the truth. After getting married Wu Gang’s mom becomes overjoyed instead of placated like they hoped and now wants to visit more than ever. As they struggle to find a way to keep their mom happy while staying true to their partners, the twins realize that the only thing tougher than pretending to be a family is actually being one.

Also known as “Still a Family,” We Are Gamily is directed by Zero Chou (The Substitute). It premiered in 2017.

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