We Are Not Brothers (2020)

Zu Bo, a young student in Beijing, is a programmer. He loves his work and his daily life is extremely simple. In addition to his work, he stays in the house of Bo’s mother, Hui Fang, to study and write code in the early years of Beijing. Zu Bo’s quiet life was broken by a phone call from Bo’s mother. He was told that his third uncle from Guangdong’s hometown would come to Beijing to temporarily live in his house. Bo’s mother repeatedly stressed that he should receive his third uncle well. Although Zu Bo had long lost his impression of this distant relative, he was still ready to pick up the “old man” at the station with a wheelchair. Unexpectedly, the third uncle in Bo’s mother’s mouth was actually a young man of the same age as Zu Bo, but because of his seniority, he became an “uncle”. Zu Bo was still a little resistant at first. When he heard that his uncle was also a “programmer”, he put down his guard and took his uncle home.

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