Why Did you Come To My House

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“Why Did You Come to My House” re-works the familiar Korean romantic-comedy genre by incorporating a love struck stalker and a suicidal man as its two main characters. The also stars A-list performers Hye-jeong Kang (Oldboy / Welcome to Dongmakgol) and Hie-sun Park (Seven Days / Hansel & Gretel). There’s also the acting debut of Seung-ri (member of popular Korean hip-hop band “Big Bang”).

The wacky premise involves Hye-jeong Kang playing an obsessed stalker. She has been stalking the same person (played by Seung-ri) for the past ten years. She decides to break into his neighbor’s house to get a better view of his activities. When she enters his neighbor’s house, she finds a man (played by Hie-sun Park) attempting to kill himself. The man has been distraught since the death of his wife in a car accident. Hye-jeong Kang then ties up Hie-sun Park as they get to know one another better.

Although there was a 20 Episode SBS television drama in 2008 by the same name, none of the characters, stars and plotline resemble this movie. I am uncertain whether the movie is an extention of the television , I will assume it is entirely independent of it and just a matter of coincidence that the two films share the same name.

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