Working Girls


This box office hit of the 80’s shows the life of seven women who juggle works with their personal lives.
Carla (Hilda Koronel) is a female top executive who has to work double hard to beat her male contenders for the Senior Vice President position. But her writer-boyfriend is making her feel guilty for the little time she spends with him.
Anne (Chanda Romero), an expert on professional management is also resented by her jealous husband for her late-hour meetings. It doesn’t help that one of her clients is indeed wooing her.
Working in the same company as Anne’s is the rich and arrogant Amanda (Baby Delgado), who only reserves her sweetness to a sweet-talking manager.
Raul, Carla’s secretary Isabel (Rio Locsin) is carrying Raul’s child, but he refuses to support her.
Another woman fooled by Raul is Nimfa (Gina Pareño), who frequents different makati offices to sell jewelry. But with just the right connections, she is about to give the hardcore playboy a lesson.
Suzzane (Carmi Martin) is an ineffective secretary, but a very effective seductress. All her boss become her conquest, but the she’s truly in-love with seems to be immune to her curves and charm.
Rose (Isabel Lopez) is a beautiful receptionist buried in debts. To earn extra cash, she is forced to show extra flesh, give extra love, bear extra pain.

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