Xiu Zhen Ma Ma

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“Xiu Zhen Ma Ma” with the child’s height and appearance of nearly thirty Du adopted a girl named smiled . To smile dance dream Du venture began in the city , start snack business. After years of struggle, Du business on the right track , she will also smiled into the professional dance school. However smiled but vanity Du gradually began to rift . In order not to drag smiled, smiled cuckoo embark find birth parents of the road, a legacy of years ago, the small shoes , let smiled mystery of life surfaced. For smiled future , Du choose to dance teacher mother smiled back around Lan Zhou , and still silently guard smiled, smiled at home do not get the life you want , she was Zhou family crowding , more eyes in an accident injured , facing the risk of blindness . Mother smiled and began to miss Du , Du Juan to return to the side . Du also smiled through efforts to cure the eyes, and smiled eventually regain her daughter affection .

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