Xue Jin Xuan Feng


When Peng Fei was young, his father died a sudden death. In order to find the truth of his father’s death, Peng Fei entered the police academy and his teacher is coincidentally the man who was in charge of the case of his father’s death, Meng Fan Sheng. With mixed feelings, Peng Fei, Li Wen Wen, Yang Si Guo, and others are teamed up to form the experimental class at the police academy. They work through the devil Meng’s physical training and the new virtual reality mystery cases to grow and become stronger together. Later on, Peng Fei realizes that there may be a huge criminal group behind the death of his father. After Peng Fei graduates from police academy, endures hardships, goes undercover in the criminal group, with his fellow classmates, and with teachers collaborating on the outside, to destroy the criminal group, to find out the truth behind his father’s death, and to reveal the “big boss” behind the whole scene.

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