Bakushu is an adviser in the “Clean Break Helpline” – a special unit in the Organized Crime Department at Tokyo Metropolitan Police which helps those who want to make a clean break from a gang group. Although she treats gang member clients like “scum”, she goes far beyond her responsibility to help them quit the organization by getting a written agreement from the gang boss and finding jobs for them afterwards. Also, her colleague and a former detective at the Organized Crime Department – Mikajima Kakeru doesn’t get along with Bakushu.

One day “Clean Break Helpline” receives a call from a client. He is the leader of a gang group under the umbrella of a designated organized crime group “Kanto Kifune Gumi”, and claims that he already made an apology to the boss of Kanto Kifune Gumi – Tachibana Isao. The client says that his group has got in trouble because of Bakushu… — TBS

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