Yami Douga


“Those who invited the end of summer night”
A couple was enjoying the summer fireworks at the riverside, when they follow a mysterious presence and get the shock of a lifetime. The river is the scene of an unresolved crimescene.

“Passing woman”
A group of friends enjoyed a day at the riverside. While driving home, a mysterious woman passes by the car… and boards it.

“Grave keeper”
A grave keeper tends to a gravesite at 2am in the morning, when he records something strange…

“A game of Gomoku”
This video was shot with a Hi-8 camera, during a family holiday. During the game however, a deformed figure appears…

Recorded by an illegal orginazation. Woman who is intimidated by men and forced to consume a drug, performs a blade-ritual while wearing a white gown. The ultimate shock video!

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