Yan Suo Chong Lou (1994)

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Set in the early Republican Era (1920s) in a small town in Anhui Province called White Sand, where it was famed for its Chastity Archway of Widowhood. The Chastity Archway of Widowhood was honored to women who remained staunchly faithful to their dead husband and devoted their remaining life in serving the family.

The spoiled son of the Zeng clan, a prominent family in White Sand Town, is married to Xia Meng Han, a young woman from a distinguished family. Unfortunately, their marriage proves to be unhappy as the son wastes away his time in entertainment, drinking, and womanizing. One day he gets himself in a brawl and gets killed. The adopted son, Yu Hang, sees these tragedies unfold before his eyes and sympathizes greatly with Meng Han. His sympathy eventually grows into love.

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