Yi Guan Xiao Chuan


Five hundred years ago the Ming dynasty capital, a small medical shop live in a group of young people loquacious Lehe, hemorrhoids cures athlete’s foot doctor Zhu a small product, but Jiaoman anthomaniac boss Chen Anan, lust and stingy accounting Zhao cloth I wish, “King Kong Barbie” Zhuang Tada …… although business was bad, poor chink, but they are still happy and efforts to adhere to the dream. One day, mysteriously disappeared Medical Center main hall, a product apprentice Zhu subsequently received a reel, after accidentally opened, born rapidly memories let him fast read and write down the contents of the scrolls, after Zhu a product after reading fainted, reel it along with ashes. Dongchang West plant after that, sent under the command of a master 杨宇轩 Medical Center and 柳若馨 come check it out undercover secret scrolls, accidentally, they are involved in a product and Zhu one bizarre case, at the same time to crack the mystery of the case, each Road arena master have appeared and began to hunt down a product Zhu et al. Newcomers into the Council, also broke the calm of the past Medical Center, Liu Ruoxin young and beautiful, Yang Yuxuan tall, handsome, a product Zhu, Zhao cloth wish seems to have been attracted to the girl Liu, Chen Anan Blame, deliberately keep Yang Yuxuan intimate interaction during Yang Yuxuan The ex-girlfriend, Guard Vice thousand Nie came in purple spoiler, three men and three women between each other while watching unhappy, while they each ambiguous struggle, unrequited love, crush, Daozhui former …… countless possible in a small medical Lane quietly fermentation. And Zhu Medical Center led a product detective squad also embarked on surprise and hilarious adventure, ultimately through the clutter and the shaking of a pile of fan case and uncover the secret behind one

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