Yong Zheng Dynasty

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Yongzheng Dynasty was one of the most highly-watched TV shows in Mainland China in the 1990s and continues to stand out as one of the “classics” among Chinese history television dramas. It roughly spans imperial history from 1705, some fifteen years prior to Yongzheng’s accession to the throne, to Yongzheng’s death in 1735. About one third of the content is devoted to the battle for the succession of Kangxi.YongZheng was KangXi’s 4th son, a hard-working and principled man oftentimes misunderstood as heartless and cruel. His succession to the throne was marred and undermined by controversy propagated by some of his own brothers. The country’s treasury was nearly empty at the end of Kang Xi’s reign and restoring it was only one of the many challenges Yong Zheng had to face prior to and during his own rule. 

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