Yonimo Kimyo na Monogatari


Karube Chiyomi (Watanabe Eri) has bought a cemetery plot where cherry blossom trees stand. After she shelters Ino Yuko (Maya Kyoko), who has bought the neighbouring plot, to the bus stop with her umbrella, they become “cemetery friends”. One day, Chiyomi is at work cleaning a building when Yuko appears. The two of them have a meal together and completely hit it off, and Chiyomi even tells Yuko about her interest in watching plays. On a day off work, Chiyomi is relaxing at home when Yuko arrives. Chiyomi is surprised by her appearance. The coat Yuko is wearing, matches the one that Chiyomi had worn when they first met. Yuko then hands a red scarf that is the same as hers to Chiyomi, and invites her to watch a play, but … …

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