Yonimo Kimyona Kimi Monogatari


Ep. 1 (“Sheahausa Nai”)
Hiroko Tagami is a freelance writer. She wants to write about why self-sufficient adults live together at a share house. She decides to go undercover and begins to stay at a share house where 4 salary people live.

Ep. 2 (“Riaju Saiban”l
A communication law is enacted. The law is to evaluate how much people are faithful to life. One day, Tomoko Yazawa receives a postcard.

Ep. 3 (“Tate! Kinjiro”)
Kojiro Kanayama is a kindergarten teacher. He struggles to make the kids lively.

Ep. 4 (“13.5 Moji Shika Juchu Shite Yomena”)
Kaori Honda is a mother. She works as a news writer for internet users and she loves her job.

Ep. 5 (“Wakiyaku Battle Royale”)
A total of 6 men and women, including Jun, take part in an audition held by a famous director.

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