You… Vaccine (2021)

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Akio, a musician from Japan, and his darling Dr. Nami take a trip to Thailand with a guide named Palin. During the trip, the couple has a misunderstanding and Nami returns to Japan alone. Akio stays behind, plays music in a pub, catches COVID-19, and has to stay in a Thai hospital. Palin sticks around to care for him while trying to help Akio and Nami reconcile. In the midst of the influx of COVID cases, Palin witnesses the dedication of the doctors and nurses, of Dr. Trin, Dr. Nee, Dr. Vee, and Dr. Nami who are exhausted trying to keep their patients alive.

Palin decides to open a blog called “You…Vaccine” to show people the value of taking care of each other in this difficult time and motivate them to send their care and well wishes to people from all directions.

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