Youkoso, Wagaya e


Kurata Kenta lives with his parents, Taichi and Keiko, and younger sister, Nana, in a house in the outskirts. He is a struggling commercial artist with his own firm. But because he is timid and a coward, he cannot assert himself and is not successful in his work. Kenta takes after his father in that aspect, but he does not want to be spineless and unreliable like him. The relationship between father and son has soured. One evening, Kenta is standing in line for the train at a station platform when a man jumps the queue and shoves a female aside. Kenta would usually silently let such situations pass, but on this day, he corners the man and warns him. The man tries to resist, but the passengers around him also agree with Kenta. At that moment, a young lady picks up the cigarettes that the man had dropped, hands it over and suggests that the man leaves. Kenta is shocked by his own uncharacteristic behaviour because he is venting his anger about his job. After that, Kenta takes the train and bus to go back home, but along the way, he realises that he is with the man who jumped the queue. Fear swells in Kenta who jumps out at the bus stop in front of his house and the man follows behind. Kenta runs and shakes him off. When he reaches home, he tells his parents and sister about the incident. He is cautioned by Taichi not to get involved in unnecessary things. However, that day is the turning point. The next morning, Kenta is awakened by Nana’s panicky voice. The flowers in the flower bed have been entirely uprooted. But Kenta and Taichi both head to their workplaces because it is office hours. When Kenta goes to the train station after work, the young woman who had made the man back off yesterday is there. Kenta talks to her about the resentful man following him as well as the flower bed incident. Then the young woman hands him her name card and asks if he would like to look into it. She is Kando Asuka, a magazine reporter. At the same time that the harassment begins, Taichi discovers alleged improprieties at his company and worries about what he should do. As Kenta and his family attempt to identify the stalker, several questionable people emerge around them.

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