Your Majesty


Setting month, Cosmos created chaos in the Milky Way Galaxy at the beginning of the month, in order to resist the alien invasion, set by Chief gods at the cost of life settled territories, months snow ice gel to protect people’s safety, once Emperor, setting month country faced collapse and destruction. Ancient gods will use hereditary spells passage of time, to transfer all the pain itself to others, in order to protect its own energy. Song Jin was the 28th Emperor heir, watched his father to this cruel spell since childhood, also witnessed his mother died before his father. Then, Song Jin by the high priest to help grow, Gu Yourong high priest’s eye, also setting month of Virgin, has a strong spiritual power and high position, is the main candidate for the future Empress. Xiao Zhao is serving King living the spirit of women. On a full moon night, Zhao Xiao Song Jin cruise clear lake, she just sing the song trigger Lake has long been gathering dust at the end of the bracelet, opened the door of space-time. Song Jin, Gu Yourong Zhao Xiao, and the fate of three people and therefore began to change.

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